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#WomenOfMoto: An Interview with Former Monster Girl, Kelly Cleland

Photos Courtesy: Kelly Cleland

Photo Courtesy: Kelly Cleland

If you’ve been to a Monster Energy Supercross race, then you’ve more than likely seen some of the awesome brand models who also work on the series representing the title sponsor, Monster Energy. The Monster Energy Girls help pump up the crowd during opening ceremonies, hold the 30-second board before the races, and have even been known to have pretty good flame throwing skills. What you may not know is that being a Monster Girl is only a small part of their life on a weekly basis. Outside of getting to be one of the iconic faces of Monster Energy Supercross on race day, many of these gals are pursuing other passions and goals.

If you follow her on social, then you know that Kelly Cleland is so much more than a former Monster Girl and fiancé to Weston Peick. In fact, this month, Kelly graduated with honors as the Valedictorian of her college class. I had the chance to sit down with Kelly to chat about her most recent and impressive accomplishment.

FPX: Kelly, where did you go to school?

Kelly: I started at the University of Houston in Texas and then transferred to Cal Poly Pomona in California. When I transferred to California I lost all my credits and had to start over.

Was it online or in person?

I attended class in person and I commuted to and from campus. My average drive time was over three and a half hours each school day. Got to “love” California traffic.

What did you study?

I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management.

Now that you’ve received your degree, what are your next career goals?

I definitely plan on finding a career in Hospitality Management, but I am also in the middle of applying for graduate school. I’d love to further my education.

You’ve stepped away from being a Monster Girl this year, but most of your college years were spent at the races every weekend while also maintaining a full-time school schedule. How did you successfully manage both demanding roles of brand model and student? 

Airplane rides are definitely the best time to study. I would study on my airplane rides, have fun during the weekends at the races, and be a full-time nerd during the week. My backpack would always look like a turtle shell on because it was filled with textbooks.

What was one of the biggest challenges you faced while chasing your Valedictorian dreams?

I was actually caught off guard when I received the news about being my class’s Valedictorian. I always strived to do the best I could at my school assignments, but I never expected to receive this honor. My biggest challenge was the lack of moral support for all the hard-work I put towards school. I have faced many other obstacles from as small as airline delays to as big as having to leave the country for Weston’s accident.

What helped keep you motivated to stay focused on school while also living what many would probably consider a “dream life”?

Education has always been my priority. I had many setbacks and worked plenty of nationwide fun events, but I never gave up on my goal to receive a college Bachelor’s Degree. I am very self-motivated with a positive outlook. 

You are clearly very goal driven and to go after the goal of graduating as valedictorian is nothing short of impressive. Now that you’ve reached this milestone, what is the next goal you’re chasing?

Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of a Disney wedding and a trip to Bora Bora. Those will be the next two dreams to come true. I can’t wait!!

What piece of advice would you give to women who are also chasing big dreams? 

There is not a dream that is too big to achieve. Never give up!

Will fans get to see you at any of the Pro Motocross races this summer?

I will be at Pala this year, as well as a few other rounds.

Where do you hang out most online? How can fans and followers connect with you? 

Instagram would be the best place to connect with me @kellyacleland4.

Kelly is no doubt, a goal getter! It’s always fun to hear about the #WomenInMoto and their lives outside of race day! Congrats, Kelly, on earning Valedictorian honors in your pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in Hospitality Management! Can’t wait to see where the journey takes you!

  • Nicole miller - Hi I’m a photographer from malvern Ohio I work really hard and dream of even doing on promotocross event. I have been trying to find a media job so I can work on getting the clear to take pictures at an event. I found you and your work. I am not asking for a job or anything like such, but how did you do it? This my dream and my passion with out photography I don’t know who I am but I feel stuck and I want to grow and do more. Please get ahold of me I have so many questions.ReplyCancel

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