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Nitro Circus, “You Got This” Tour Flips into Sacramento, CA

The Nitro Circus “You Got This” tour flipped into Sacramento on May 19, 2019 at Papa Murphy’s Park, home of the Sacramento Republic FC. And while Mother Nature may have delayed the show due to rain, the skies parted and the show was back on! Fans packed the stadium as they waited eagerly to see some of the most mind-blowing tricks and stunts they have ever seen. Even though member of this circus perform some of the most awe-inspiring and insane tricks ever produced, safety is always the number one priority for any Nitro Circus show. Athletes and crew spent the time delay drying out the ramps and landings with blowers, towels, and anything else that would remove the moisture. A few test jumps to make sure the takeoffs and landings were ready to be put to the test and then it was showtime! Nitro Circus is part show, part competition, part family, and all around mind-blowing fun for the entire family! It’s evident that these guys and gals know how to have a good time, no matter what and they produced an epic show for the Sacramento audience.

What do a 3-wheeler, a trash can on wheels, an ice chest, a recliner, and a Penny-farthing have in common? They are all “contraptions” that the Nitro Circus crew is just crazy enough to launch off the Giganta Ramp! What is the “Giganta Ramp” you ask? It’s the largest portable ramp in the world that has been used in over 300 shows, on five continents, and launches athletes more than five stories in the air! The Giganta Ramp is of course only part of what makes the “You Got This” tour so spectacular! Nitro Circus is not a traditional circus, by any definition of the term, but it does team up the best FMX, BMX, Scooter, and action sports athletes in the world with some of the craziest ramps, flips, tricks, and contests you’ve ever seen.

Pair the Giganta Ramp with some insane FMX ramps, a few friendly competitions, fire and pyrotechnics, and the best action sports athletes on the planet and you’ve got yourself one hell of a good time! It’s unlike anything in the world to see athletes flipping a 200+ pound motorcycle in a triple backflip or scooter athletes landing a double front flip off the Giganta Ramp, all while flame throwers light up the sky.

During every stop on the tour, there is a “Best Whip” and “Best Trick” competition for the FMX athletes. The “whip” is one of the most classic and beloved FMX stunts that always makes the crowd go wild. During the “You Got This” tour, “Best Whip” is judged by the audience and how loud they get when the riders toss their bike over and upside down before hitting the landing. “Best Trick” is just that – throw the best trick you got, watch the crowd lose their mind, maybe accomplish a “world’s first” and of course, win a big ‘ol trophy and a $1,000 bonus. This competition is definitely a fan-favorite and the crowd goes wild! In Sacramento, it was world-phenom and female FMX pioneer, Vicki Golden, who rode away with the “Best Whip” victory and long-time FMX Vet, Adam Jones, who snagged the “Best Trick” honors of the night.

This particular stop on the tour was extra special for the entire Nitro Circus family because their guests of honor were members of the Roner Family. Erik Roner was a beloved member of the Circus who sadly died in a skydiving accident back in 2015. Roner was known for his positive attitude, generous heart, and kind soul who was a big supporter of his community and an incredibly talented athlete. After his passing, the entire Nitro Circus family adopted the mantra to “Live Like Roner”, which means to live your life to the absolute fullest. It was very special having his wife and his kids at the Sacramento show, the only Northern California stop on the tour, and if anyone knows how to live their life to the fullest and with the maximum amount of joy, it’s the Nitro Circus crew.If you’ve never been to a Nitro Circus event, I’d definitely encourage your check them out! Truly fun for the whole family and sure to amaze and astound any member of the audience, action sports fan or not! Head on over to the Nitro Circus website to check out the rest of the tour schedule as well as get your tickets for the upcoming Nitro World Games 2019 as well as the sequel to the record-breaking “Evel Live” that was produced last year, “Evel Live 2”.

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